Date:                  2012-01-09 04:00 
 Location:              Borgata    Casino 
 Game:                  $2-5  No Limit Hold 'Em 
 Length:                3h 0m 
 Buy in ($):           $600.00 
 Cash out ($):         0.00
 Return ($):            -$600.00
 Win rate ($/hr):      -$200.00 
 Session Notes:  

The hardest part of playing poker is making the correct laydown. After the flop (and sometimes before) you wind up guessing and sometimes the thought process goes out the window. U’re just not sure what’s going on and u have to make a judgement based on incomplete information.

It happened to me today twice and my experience (which usually helps me in those situations) didn’t kick in. Making mistakes is part of any game and I’ve learned not to beat myself up about to much (although it’s impossible not shed some agony over it) and still try to have a productive day.

4:30 AM START ….

7:00 AM QUIT ….

Back to sleep. This is my answer for temporary depression.