Date:                    2012-01-11 11:31
Location:                Borgata   Casino
Game:                    $2-5 No Limit Hold 'Em
Length:                  6h 0m
Buy in ($):              $600.00
Cash out ($):           $571.00
Return ($):             -$29.00
Win rate ($/hr):        -$4.83
Session Notes:

Fascinated by the Youtube phenomenon.  It has totally changed the music industry — what we used to call hip hop underground is now Youtube. It makes sense because it’s a performance-based medium. Trying to understand how to manipulate it is a science unto itself.

I understand why my son rarely watches TV but will surf the web for hours.   I spent the morning some of the underground Philly rappers videos.  How the game has changed.

6:00 AM START ….

12:00 PM QUIT …..

Came back from all-in a couple times to break even for the session.